13Jul 2017

SIFANG Hosts NCEPU Overseas Power Symposium

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Power department delegates from twelve countries and regions such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and Malaysia etc., visited SIFANG on July 6 and 12, 2017. The delegation group mainly for power officials and technical expertise which is arranged by the Commerce Department of China.

SIFANG provided a comprehensive introduction of SIFANG company and featured products & solutions, there has been a detailed discussion and communication on product features, technical advantages and typical projects of SIFANG. The delegates also visited the customer service center, product exhibition area, the RTDS and photovoltaic laboratories for further understanding of SIFANG company.

The strong corporate culture and excellent product technologyleft a deep impression to the delegates, at last they gave high marks about SIFANG and the visit, they also looked forward to the future cooperation with SIFANG.

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