12Sep 2017

SIFANG PHILIPPINES Hosts Technical Seminar on Solar/PV Zero Export Solution

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In September 2017, Sifang Automation Philippines Corporation successfully held technical seminar on Solar/PV Zero Export Solution. Participants taking part in this promotion meeting are engineers and SCADA experts from the utilities engaging in photovoltaic and new energy generation.

In this meeting, SIFANG presented an overall introduction on function connecting of CSC-830 PLC and smart logger made by Huawei, including working principle of the product and power control of the inverter through PLC principles and algorithm formula. The live demo and presentation of the overall solution got the recognitionby users.

This technical seminar is an important start for the promotion of SIFANG’s Solar/PV Zero Export Solution in Philippine market. It has laid a solid foundation for the market development of photovoltaic and new energy generation in Southeast Asia.

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