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Q: Are there any customer service, technical support hotline or contact ways for different areas?
A: For all after-sales service and technical support in any countries and areas, the contact E-mail address is:
Q:If we have any advice or suggestions on our devices and automatic system, how to contact you?
A: Please send your kind advice and suggestions to: If necessary, they will be transferred to the relevant department to deal with.
Q:If we have any replacement problems of module or equipment, what should we do?
A: Please provide the detailed information: device model number, serial number of materials of the devices or relays, material number and serial number of the modules, software version, fault phenomena and other important characteristics, then send e-mail to: Sifang’s engineer will get back to you soon.
Q:If we have any technical questions or need to have technical consulting, what should we do?
A: Please send your detailed description of the problems to E-mail:, including software version of the device or system.

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