SIFANG’S Products Awarded With KEMA Gold Medal Certificate

categories: NEWS | Corporate | 2012 2012-11-16

5 protection IEDs of CSC family made by SIFANG have passed the KEMA test and are awarded with KEMA Gold Medal Certificate.  SIFANG is the first national electric power equipment manufacture ... more


SIFANG Wins 10MW PV Project of Ali, Tibet

categories: Corporate | NEWS | 2012 2012-10-31

In Sep. 2012, with coordination and cooperation of several departments, SIFANG wins Guodian Longyuan Company’s 10MW PV Project of Ali, Tibet. As a large scale integrated project, the project inv ... more


SIFANG Generator Protection, Line Protection Training Completes Successfully

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-08-06

On July 16-21, 2012, “Generator-transformer protection, line protection training for 8th National Power Industry Professional Technique Competition”undertaken by SIFANG is held in Kuntai Hotel, ... more


SIFANG Was Awarded “China Software Business Revenue Top 100 Enterprises of 2012”

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-07-26

On July 10,2012, “Release Conference of  China Software Business Revenue Top 100 Enterprises of 2012”was held in Nanjing, China. In the conference, National Bureau of Statistics of China, M ... more


SIFANG Won the Bid of Zhejiang Zheneng Liuheng Power Plant’s Newly Established Project

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-07-16

Recently, SIFANG won the bid of Zhejiang Zheneng Liuheng Power Plant’s 2×1000MW supercritical coal-fired unit generator, transformer and protection project. As a coa ... more


“Intelligent Sensing Technology Based Variable Motor Protection”Passes the Appraisal

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-04-27

 “Intelligent Sensing Technology Based Variable Motor Protection”developed by Taizhou Electric Power Plant,Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group Company Ltd. and SIFANG passed technical appraisa ... more


SIFANG’s Converter Passes LVRT Authentication Test

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-04-20

From Mar. 13 to Mar.15?2012?GDF-1500 1.5MW Doubly Fed Wind Generator Converter developed by SIFANG passes Low Voltage Ride Through?LVRT?Authentication Test, witness by staff of Wind Power Grid C ... more


Products of SIFANG Won Science and Technology Prize of Beijing

categories: Corporate | NEWS | 2012 2012-04-18

Reward Conference of Science and Technology Prize of Beijing was held on April 13, 2012. In the conference, “Relay protection and fault information analysis system of smart grid”of SIFANG was aw ... more


Micro-Grid System for Dongfushan Island Project Passes Technical Appraisal

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-03-28

Research and implementation of independent power supply system of Wind/Solar/Battery/Diesel Generator/Fresh Water System for Dongfushan Island Project, conducted by China Guodian Corporation, Zh ... more


Hebei Southern Grid’s Product Promotion Conference was Held Successfully

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-03-19

On Mar. 8, 2011, product promotion team of SIFANG took part in “low voltage ride through(LVRT) power supply”and “excitation regulator”conference of power plant, auxiliary to Henan Southern Grid ... more


Changsha Distribution management Project of SIFANG Passed Acceptance Test

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-01-18

Jan. 15th, 2012, pilot project of Hunan Changsha distribution management project passed acceptance test of State Grid Corporation of China successfully.SIFANG provided full series of products su ... more


Zhejiang Jiaxing 110kV Smart Substation Protection Operates Successfully

categories: NEWS | 2012 2012-01-04

On Dec.7, 2011, Zhejiang Jiaxing 110kV substation transmitted power officially. Smart substation protection CSC-133E developed by SIFANG was put into commercial operation successfully. The opera ... more

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