300MW Coal-Fired Unit Simulation System Passed Overall Acceptance

categories: NEWS | 2011 2011-12-14

300MW Coal-Fired Unit Simulation System of Datang Leiyang Power Generation Plant, developed by SIFANG, passed overall acceptance on Dec 9, 2011. It is well accepted by the user.


KEMA Type Test Certification is in Progress

categories: NEWS | 2011 2011-12-07

On Feb 21, 2011, KEMA type test project was established. This project involves many departments of SIFANG such as power grid R&D center, test department of chief engineer system, quality con ... more


330kV Caotan Substation Automation Reformation Project Passed Acceptance

categories: Corporate | NEWS | 2011 2011-12-07

On Oct 4, 2011, acceptance conference of 330kV Caotan substation automation reformation project was held in Xi’an. 

This conference discussed upgrading ... more


Contract of The Cooperative Republic of Guyana was Signed

categories: NEWS | Corporate | 2011 2011-12-02

Signing ceremony of Transmission and Transformation Project of The Cooperative Republic of Guyana was held between SIFANG and China National Machinery Import and export (Group) Comp ... more


Successful Field Application of CSC-850S Series New Generation High-End PLC Equipment

categories: NEWS | 2011 2011-12-01

Recently, cheerful new from Luhua Thermal Power Plant in Shijiazhuang comes: CSC-850S Series New Generation High-End PLC Equipment, which is applied in reclaimed water recharging wa ... more


JLED-110W3 Electronic Type Combined Transformer Passed Appraisal

categories: NEWS | Corporate | 2011 2011-12-01

New Product Appraisal Meeting of JLED-110W3 electronic type combined transformer was held in Baoding, Hebei province on Nov 19, 2011.The product is co-developed by SIFANG and Baodin ... more


New Products Related To Wind Power Pass Appraisal

categories: NEWS | 2011 2011-11-04

“CSC-800W Wind Power Station Power Optimization Control System”and “CSC-855W Wind Power Generator Unit Vibration Status Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Device”developed by SIFANG pas ... more


SIFANG is Awarded with the Title of Enterprise with Outstanding Achievements

categories: NEWS | 2011 2011-10-26

On Oct 21, 2011, SIFANG is awarded with the title of “Software and Information Service Industry for 25 Years---Enterprise with Outstanding Achievements”in 25th celebration ceremony of Beijing So ... more

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