Protection and Fault Information Management System in National Grid Corporation of Philippine (NGCP)

Protection management system is widely applied in the voltage level of 230kV and above in Philippines. It is a necessary work platform in daily work for power system.

Location: Luzon Philippines.
Status: Operated in 2013

project details

Protection management system is very popular in Philippines. There are three main islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, each of which has protection management master system. From the beginning of 2012, CSGC-3000/PMS Master Station, CSC-1510 Sub-Workstation and CSC-1326 Gateway have been put into operation gradually.They communicate through power communication network and sub-workstation access to the master station. The sub-workstation is responsible for rapid event getting, alarm, settings, waveform files and other data, helping the operators to analyze all the data displayed in the master station. The master station offers many waveform files analysis tools, fault information analysis tools and setting management tools to help users on business work. In the meanwhile, it can improve work efficiency and reduce time of fault analysis and clearing.

Key sifang products used

CSGC-3000/FIS Master Station
CSGC-3000/FIS Master Station

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